SOLID 225 and SOLID 225 C

SOLID is our first non-Hydrogel product, developed using our founding principles — science, the athlete, nutrition, and innovating performance.
SOLID 225 and SOLID 225 C are fast and light carbohydrate-rich, low fiber fuel sources — the perfect complement to your Hydrogel fueling. SOLID 225 is sweet and natural.

It may be our first non-Hydrogel product, but we stuck to what know and what makes our GEL and DRINK MIX unique. We listened to science. We listened to the athletes. We distilled it down to the essentials. We focused on performance.

Here’s something to chew on.
The majority of “energy” bars are made to have snack-appeal. SOLID, on the other hand, is built for fueling both performance and recovery. They are worlds apart — one is aimed at the top supermarket shelf, the other at the top of the podium.
However, almost all the athletes that tested SOLID have remarked on the pleasant oat-and-rice-based texture and natural taste. Which — along with a minimal ingredient list that delivers high-carb, low-fiber fueling — is a winning combination.

High on carbs, low on sugar

All kinds of sweet.
SOLID is packing a lot of carbohydrates, more than most bars out there. The taste, too, offers a nice level of sweetness. Don’t be fooled into thinking that we’ve just sugar-loaded SOLID to achieve this. The carbohydrates and sweetness come from a variety of sources — sugar, oats, and rice.

Not like other bars.


We didn’t set out to make a commercial product when we started our SOLID journey. We thought, “If we make a bar that’s good enough for an elite rider or athlete, it will be good enough for all athletes.”
When we looked into it and spoke to our athletes, we realised that there were simply not many options out there for a performance-focused bar. SOLID is the result. Pure and simple.

Compliments Hydrogel

A solid complement to your Hydrogel fueling
SOLID is not a replacement to training and racing on Hydrogel — it’s a complement to it.
For marathon runners, SOLID is a perfect post-session or post-race recovery snack to replace carbohydrates. It also works as a pre-race meal alternative.
For cyclists, SOLID is a great fuel option for low-to-medium intensity rides and as a before and after snack.
For Ultra runners, the standard nutrition advice is to eat something solid every 4 hours. SOLID’s salt content is also an advantage in replacing sodium levels during long training sessions and races.
For triathletes, SOLID is an ideal between-session fuel as well as a post-session or post-race recovery snack to replace carbohydrates.
It’s said that great achievements are built on solid foundations — we couldn’t agree more.

Sometimes we crave real food

You’re a well-fueled machine — a human one.
Proper fueling is essential for an athlete to train, race, and recover — but variation is important too. We often hear from athletes that sometimes they just want to feel human. Simply put, they crave something to chew on. SOLID is designed for those occasions — pre-or-post training and racing and during sessions more than six hours long. SOLID is a performance-focused, oat-and-rice-based chewable — containing everything to feel — and fuel — human.